Interchangeable Donut Stand - MDF with Base Coat

Regular price $30.00

 This DIY Donut Stand is perfect for any event or occasion. Kit includes:

1. 16 removable pegs

2. 2 Interchangeable Phrases - PLEASE CHOOSE 2 Phrases and list them in the NOTES section of your order.

  *if there is no mention of your desired phrases in the notes of your order you will receive Happy Day and Celebrate.

Please Choose From:

 1. Happy Day

 2. Celebrate

 3. Treat Yo Self

 4. Enjoy

 5. Delicious  

 6. Donut Worry 

 7. Happy 4th 

 8. Love & Donuts 

 9. Trick or Treat

 10. Scary Good

 11. Holly Jolly

 12. Cheat Meal

 13. Tis the Season

 14. Death by Donuts

 15. Game Day

   *If you would like to purchase the Extra phrases (pick 5), select "EXTRA PHRASES" from the drop-down and add them to our cart.

Dimensions: 20x22

*Each piece is made in the USA,  and is delivered to you unfinished, ready for you to DIY!


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