Reindeer Craft Kit

Reindeer Craft Kit

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This kit includes the wood Reindeer shape plus the vinyl for all the Reindeer names. It's so easy to create this fun holiday craft: 1. paint the deer the color you wish the words to be for the first layer; let the paint COMPLETELY dry 2. apply the vinyl onto the painted surface using the included transfer tape; it will be necessary to burnish the vinyl so that it transfers completely 3. apply another coat of the base color paint to "seal" the vinyl, and allow to dry COMPLETELY.  4. paint over the entire surface of the wooden shape with the color you want the deer head to be. 5. carefully remove the vinyl, revealing the bottom paint color! *** consider buying several kits and get a bunch of friends and family together to create! Project will take about an hour or so with dry time. 

Each piece is made in the USA, from 1/4” medium density fiberboard and is delivered to you unfinished, ready for you to DIY!

Dimensions: 9"x18.5"