Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Due to international shipping rates being extremely costly, we do not ship internationally. In some cases we may be able to get the customer a shipping rate, but cannot always guarantee that rate will be affordable. 


Q: How fast will I get my order?

A: Seeing that everything on our site is made by hand in SLC, Utah, some items may take longer than others to create, pack, & ship. Details will usually be disclosed on items during sales & whatnot. For custom orders, such as Cemetery Signs, & Custom Words, we would like to ask for at least a week, until those can be cut. Rush orders are possible, but always better to order with a slight cushion just in case. 


Q: Obviously, everything you sell is manufactured in China, & you just import it over, right?

A: No, but we wish it was that easy! Everything is made by hand in Salt Lake City, Utah. Wood comes from a local lumber supplier, paint comes from(multiple) local Walmarts, and Donuts comes from the gas station! We run the operation out of a garage space, typically at extremely unconventional hours. 


Q: What kind of paint should I use to finish my items? 

A: We typically just use spray paint! Crazy right? You're a DIY-er aren't you? That stuff was made for us! We use a brand called Krylon - available at Walmart - be sure to get the 'Satin Bright White' for a beautiful white finish. Avoid glossy paints if you can. Krylon is not carried at The Home Depot - so save yourself the trip :) 


Q: What should I use to sand items after I paint them?

A: Sometimes after you paint your items, you may want to rough the edges for a rustic look. For this we typically use normal sandpaper, about 220 grit. This is available at any home improvement store, & pretty much anywhere they would sell paint. 


Q: Do you guys do custom signs & what not? 

A: We love to make special things for people! But it's a secret...shhh.